Labor Day, Shanghai Expo,…

Tomorrow is May1, Labor Day in China and for many of us a three-day weekend. No class for me till Tuesday-yay!Many students were dragging suitcases towards the bus stop as I was headed in the opposite direction for my last class this morning at 8am.

After class I headed for the bus(-a 10 minute walk) and a trip to the City Center(xinjiekou) for a latte at Starbucks. My treat to myself after finishing 9 classes.  Two stops past mine the bus it was involved in a “crunch” with another car and a van. No merge lane and impossibly crowded for 10 am on a Friday. After some arguing the three drivers got back into their vehicles and my ride continued without mishap.

Starbucks  was quiet and mostly empty although by the time I left an hour later it was almost full and people ere sitting on the patio taking advantage of the warm temps-21C(70F).

Tomorrow  is the official opening of Shanghai Expo2010 -with lots of controversy over the different countries pavillions. As I type this the Opening Ceremonies are being broadcast on national TV. One of my students who hopes to become an interpreter interviewed yesterday as a volunteer at the French pavillion. I hope she was chosen and has this opportunity to practice some of her people/language skills.

I’m still winding down from my week of listening to more than 130 3-minute talks on my students “dream job or their “future plans” so until next time…

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