Quake anniversary update

The New York Times has a story about the survivors of the quake in Sichuan two years ago and how remarriage is an option, a way to replace the heartache of lost loved ones. It’s a great and sad story that I felt important enough to add as a blog post on this site.

Many other quakes have occurred since May 12, 2008 and moved off center stage.  So many people living in the Wenchuan/Beichuan area are only beginning to move on with their lives following  the 7.9 devastation.

If you were in China on May 12 you remember exactly where you were when you heard the news and being glued to CCCTV for 24 hour news coverage. But, now its two years later and I feel sad for the people still in temporary shelters, for the knowledge that many schools were not built to code, that lots of the money that was raised to help people never reached them.

Last year National Public Radio came back to the Wenchuan area and did a series of special programs on the people they’d met in 2008 and the progress or non-progress that had been made. I spoke about this series in my classes last year hoping my students would read about Americans caring about a Chinese tragedy. But since then, there’s been the earthquake in Haiti and another one in Qinghai last month.

If you are interested in helping the people of Wenchuan in their recovery process check out my friend Roland’s website: disater-relief-shelters.org, so much still to do.


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