home is where?


For the last three years my place of residence has been in Nanjing, China although I grew up in the Midwest and have lived in the southwestern part of the United States for a few years.

some family members July 2010

Laura, Ellen, Pat, Bob, Mary

This month  I have been visiting my hometown, Saint Paul, seeing some relatives(have 10 brothers/sisters) and eating hamburgers and potato salad.
A couple weeks ago I walked to my old neighborhood and took a picture of our former home. I  lived there with my parents and siblings till 1964-“early suburbia”.

More recently my brother and his daughter flew in from Michigan for her orientation at the University of Minnesota. So a family gathering happened-I hadn’t seen him for about five years so this was great for me.

Also, seeing my daughter and granddaughter((almost 2) was fun.

Camille, me and my Mom

Camille and Jenny on the bike

One afternoon Jenny and Camille came over on their bike-about a two mile jaunt from their apartment.

Besides family I’ve had the opportunity to meet three online friends face-to-face -very rewarding for me personally.

In a few days I begin the trip back to the Middle Kingdom, to the place I call home.


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