summer in the city

heading towards tunnel

almost in the tunnel

still waiting

Saturday traveling on the bus towards City Center (xinjiekou) was a slow go so I had plenty of time to take some pictures from inside of the bus.  I regularly take bus #5 for just 2 rmb(renminbi)/$0.25.  I can buy groceries, have lunch, or shop for clothes but sometimes the drivers are crazy, weaving in and out of traffic and there are no merge lanes in Nanjing. Generally, I’m the only “foreigner” on the bus so some stares and once-overs are normal.

Many Chinese women carry umbrellas to protect them from the sun but I prefer sunglasses and a baseball cap. The summer temperatures range from 30-36 Celsius  but it did hit 40 one day(100F) last week. Sauna city.

Every day is an adventure so enjoy the ride with me.


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