Today I taught three 90-minute classes  in Oral English. Before the afternoon class three students sent emails saying they would be absent-one was taking a drivers test, the second student was working on an experiment in her lab and the third was bike riding outside of the city.

Sixteen students showed up for my last class but somewhat unresponsive although the topic was the Olympcs and which Chinese athletes might win gold.

I continue to be amazed that students actually write a teacher giving this information. Why not just be absent? They seem to think this will be a problem for me, the teacher.

And another student had some health issue so missed class this morning and started to tell me the problem but I cut him off although he had said “I’m sorry three times at that point.

Thanks to karma it is now my weekend and by Monday this day will be less irritating.

Hopefully, my next post will be more positive.

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